Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH) is a charitable organization that works to support rural communities in Ghana to have access to quality healthcare and education by providing on-site mobile health clinics for women and children.

Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH) since 2010 NROH has been providing healthy meals, rice and/or canned food, oil, water, used and new clothing, new and used shoes, toys, donated computers, backpacks, books, pens, pencils, everything and anything babies need to expecting mothers, orphaned children families, and marginalized communities, to churches and schools in Ghana. In March 2014, Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH) was founded as a non-profit organization in the Bronx, NY. NROH, we request for donations to help poor or needy such as homeless, disabled, orphans, hungry, sick, and water wells, affected by natural disasters, children, women, and families in Ghana, West Africa. NROH who find it extremely difficult to provide the basic necessities for poverty. These include donations in the form of cash, clothing, shoes, toys, books, school supplies, medical supplies, food and other life’s necessities.

Animah Sika-Boamah saw the predicament and struggles some of these poor families face feeding their children let alone provide their educational needs and therefore has left some of the children malnourished (in medicine it affected by improper nutrition or an insufficient diet), due to poor nutrition, naked and the least talked about school supplies for those in schools, the best. These children shortage the necessary tools and resources to be successful in school, Animah Sika-Boamah is the founder of Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH). She is a wife, a mother to three wonderful boys, and has a Bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration. Animah was originally born in Ghana, but have been living in the United States since 1997. She always had a lifelong desire to return to her home country build accessible community where individuals don’t have access to quality health clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, libraries and schools in rural areas in order to obtain the care they need. This desire has been rekindled recently when she began talking to some health care practitioners about how to embark upon my ambition. In her conversations with at least two doctors, you were highly recommended as someone who could help us to embark upon such an undertaking.

Mission Statement

Nkrumah's Restoration of Hope (NROH) has been in existence since 2010 with the sole purpose of "helping those in need"

". In a world, especially in Africa, where so many are suffering from hunger, diseases, contaminated water, poor housing, abuse, to mention but a few; our mission is to help such people get access to good drinking water, food to eat, clothing, medical care, housing, and access to quality education at NO cost to them. We sincerely believe in this cause because helping others is what sustains us as a people and we are satisfied, when we are able to contribute in a small way, to put joy in someone's heart and a smile in someone's face, one person at the time.

Our Vision

We want to share this joy with others and therefore encourage anyone with similar vision to volunteer their time, resources, monies, knowledge, advice, etc. to help advance our mutual goals in providing free healthcare, the distribution of food and clothing and providing educational needs.