About Our Foundation

Why we help

The smiles, tears of joy, relieve on the faces of those we help keeps us motivated to do more.
Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH) is a charitable non-governmental organization, committed to support rural and needy communities in Ghana, to have access to quality healthcare, clothing and education, with utmost interest in the welfare of women and children.

Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH) is a charitable non-governmental organisation, working to support rural and needy communities in Ghana, to have access to quality healthcare, clear water, healthy food, clothing, shoes, education, and we provide mobile health clinics with free medications on the rural communities and with utmost interest in the welfare of women and children. Also, we take physically challenge people from the roadside and train them to challenge their ability.

The founder of the organization, Mrs. Animah Sika-Boamah, have since 2010 been providing healthy hot meals, and various food items (including bags of rice, canned foods, oil, etc.), portable drinking water, used and new clothing and apparel (from babies to the aged; artisan to the professional), children recreational items and gadgets, educational stationery and equipment (including computers, backpacks, books, crayons, pens, pencils etc.), mostly to churches, medical facilities, rehabilitation center, disabled or physically challenge center, orphanage homes, schools, destitute children, single parents, and marginalized communities in Ghana.

She is a wonderful wife, a happy mother to three awesome boys, and holds Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in Science from Hostos Community College and Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration from Grand Canyon University. Animah was originally born in Ghana, but have been living in the United States since 1997. She always had a lifelong desire to return to her home country build accessible community where individuals don’t have access to quality health clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, libraries and schools in rural areas in order to obtain the care they need. This desire has been rekindled recently when she began talking to some health care practitioners about how to embark upon her ambition. In her conversations with at least two doctors, you were highly recommended as someone who could help us to embark upon such an undertaking.

Motivated by the response and effect of these benevolent acts, and through the relieving smiles brought on the faces of these deprived individuals, Mrs. Sika-Boamah decided In March 2014, to regularize her activities and thereby founded Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH), as a non-profit non-governmental organization in Bronx, New York, in the United States of America (USA). Establishing this legal philanthropic entity was to enable other stake holders have formal input and also provide an official outlet for other well-meaning and like-minded individuals to donate in support of her agenda. NROH, through her founder and CEO, also sponsors many brilliant, yet needy, nursing and other students to have opportunity and access the much needed education, in order to better their lives and reduce the level poverty/hardships in their families.

Many “third-world” countries are faced with very deplorable and deprived conditions and livelihoods, thus, every little aid goes a long way to enhance considerably the lives of these individuals. This sad story is worsened by the constant struggles these poor families grapple with day in and out in ensuring the adequate well-being of their children and themselves. We at Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope, have taken a bold step to be a part of the solution dearly required by these numerous rural communities and even some desperate individuals in urban communities needing support, in their goal to seek better and adequate livelihoods.