Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH) is a charitable organization that works to support rural communities in Ghana to have access to quality healthcare and education by providing on-site mobile health clinics for women and children. Since 2010, NROH has been providing healthy meals, portable drinking water, used and new clothing, shoes, toys, schools, libraries, clinics, medication, for women, children, and families without charging any fees.

Project We've Embarked On

Below are a few projects we have been able to achieve since this organization started:

1. Provision of free drinking water to the community of Frante (Ashanti Region, Ghana) - 2016.
2. Provision of books, pencils, pens and other school items for the 2 community schools in Frante (Ashanti Region, Ghana) - 2016.
3. Provided free health clinics in 12 communities in our 2018 tour covering 5 of 10 regions in Ghana. Over 5000 patients received free medical care and medication. Partnered 4. with the Gold Coast Foundation for this medical trip.
5. Donation to a Celebrar Palsy institution in Kumasi - 2017.
6. Free water provided to a prison facility in the Western region in 2015. This was done in collaboration with the Outreach Africa NGO.
7. Donated food and clothing to over 3000 households in rural Ghana between 2010 through 2014.
8. Donated 50 computers to the OAVI free vocational institute in Whendo, Takoradi in 2013.