NGO, DCE provide free healthcare services for Bebu community
October 28, 2019

Millicent, has been through serious challenges since 2017, after she suffered a strange disease in the course of transacting her regular business on a normal day. This ailment would be the cause of the drastic turn around of her 35years old life and that of her only child of 16years.

The deteriorative effect of the disease forced her to undergo elbow amputation of the two hands in late 2017, as shown in the attached photograph.
The story from thence, has been one of abject hardship and lack, the obvious reason being Millicent’s inability to do what she could before easily. She is now incapacitated.
Consequently, her daughter, Beatrice, has become her hands for everything she’d would want to do (feeding, personal hygiene, etc). These serious and pathetic episodes in these two lives, have rendered the younger adolescent with a bright future more devastated and dream-broken. She is literally an extension of her mother’s body now, crippling her free movement and schooling. Beatrice had to stop school to assist her mum and work to support her family’s upkeep, selling ‘iced’ water in Ghana which could only yield GH₵ 15.00 (approx. $3) daily.

Millicent’s visit to a prosthetic surgeon in Nsawam, in the Eastern region of Ghana, for artificial arms, may cost her GH₵40,000.00 (approx. $7,340).

Nkrumah’s Restoration of Hope (NROH), having supported this family for a while, are still engaged in various discussions, for the best possibility. Besides this approach to set her daughter free, we are also planning to establish this economically. Their biological families, are behaving as if Millicent and Beatrice do not exist. They have been deserted by those from whom much love was required in these trying times.

A charge to keep we have.

This why NROH would be grateful to you, other individuals and organizations to step up and assist us fix Millicent’s arms, establish them economically, and then enrol and sustain Beatrice’ education again, to enable she and her mum Millicent Kyeremaa smile again.

You can donate to help Millicent be herself again, and put this beautiful family back together on a normal footing.

God richly bless you.

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